Evelyn compares her ordeal to rape victims’

    Evelyn Lozada understands comments from those who say she deserved to be abused by husband Chad Johnson because of her violent behavior on “Basketball Wives,” but she disagrees.

    “I understand it, but I also think that it’s like saying, ‘Well, look at that woman. Look what she had on. That’s why she got raped.’ I feel it’s a little unfair,” Evelyn told ABC’s “Nightline.”

    “Whatever the perception of me is on ‘Basketball Wives,’ that doesn’t justify what happened that day,” said Evelyn, who needed six stitches to close up the gash Chad allegedly caused by head-butting her.

    “He grabbed me by here, and he head-butted me, and I felt blood coming down my face,” she said, demonstrating how he grabbed her ears.

    Although Chad denied that the receipt for condoms that Evelyn found in his trunk were for his use, she said she knew he was lying. The reality star is used to harsh public opinions, but she said the fear of criticism wasn’t enough for her to stay with her husband of 41 days.

    “I knew that he was lying, and I told him, ‘I’m not sticking by you through this. I don’t care if my marriage is the laughing stock of the world,’ and then he head-butted me,” explained Evelyn, who said she was “humiliated, embarrassed” and “in shock.”

    “My fairytale had just ended,” she said.

    While some may still wonder whether Ev and Chad will reconcile, her mother, Silvia Ferrer, is sure that won’t happen.

    “I don’t think they’re going to get back together at all,” Silvia told Celebuzz. “It’s done. There’s no way she would ever go back to an abusive partner.”

    Silvia confirmed that Chad has reached out to Evelyn, who has not been responsive.

    “[Chad] has tried, but they’re not communicating at all,” Silvia said.

    Evelyn, who has tossed full wine bottles, plates, and drinks at her “BBW” co-stars, said viewers will not see that from her anymore.

    “I’m always going to voice my opinion, but you won’t see me acting a fool. I’ve grown a lot in the last couple months,” she said.

    Watch the interview below.


    See photos of Ev with Jennifer Williams, Toya Wright and more celebrity friends.

    —Tracy L. Scott


    Do you agree with Ev’s analogy? Should she be getting the same compassion as a rape victim? Leave your comments below.


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