Dwyane Wade talks custody battle

    Dwyane Wade is a huge star on the court, but will he score a slam dunk with his new book on fatherhood?

    The Miami Heat player is very dedicated to his basketball career, but his role as a father trumps even that. Now the NBA player has penned a booked titled A Father First: How My Life Became Bigger Than Basketball, which is available for purchase now. In it, Dwyane talks about how important fatherhood has been throughout his life.

    After a long and bitter custody battle with his ex-wife Siovaughn Wade, D.Wade won sole custody of their sons Zaire and Zion. The baller also has custody of his nephew. Despite the nastiness between him and Siovaughn, Dwyane told the women of "The View" that he makes sure their kids get some time with her.

    "Yes, yes. They see their mother," D.Wade told the ladies. "They granted me custody because—one of the reasons—was because they felt that I could make sure that the relationship worked between both parents. I could facilitate that relationship."

    He and Siovaughn originally had joint custody of the kids, but he claims that she eventually began keeping their sons from him.

    "If I can’t be that father, I’m not whole," Dwyane explained. "It just came to a point where I wasn’t able to see them. I wasn’t able to talk to them the way I wanted to. And I said, ‘The only way that I can be a father first is by making sure that I go for custody of them.’" 

    D.Wade also shared how his mother, who once battled a heroin addiction, sent him to live with his father because he needed to be around other men as he grew up.




    —Sonya Eskridge




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