Hip Hop Sisters giving $100,000 scholarship

    MC Lyte and the Hip Hop Sisters Foundation want to encourage female lyricists to realize their dreams by offering a $100,000 scholarship to one talented young woman.

    The scholarship will be awarded to a budding artist enrolled at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the First Wave program.

    “It’s all about the arts. We’re looking for individuals who are talented and are looking to develop their skills in expression. Whether it’s poetry or rhyming or story-telling, it’s all a form of hip-hop and a form of expression,” MC Lyte told Sister 2 Sister.

    The First Wave Spoken Word and Hip Hop Arts Learning Community launched in 2007. The program is described as “a cutting-edge multicultural artistic program for incoming students,” according to the school’s website.

    While some may scoff at an educational program dedicated to the genre, the idea makes perfect sense to Lynn Richardson, COO of the Russell Simmons Foundation.

    “This is the only program of its kind in the country that incorporates a four-year academic degree with the study of hip-hop culture and multicultural arts. I am a firm believer that in 2012, it is impossible to deal with multicultural initiatives; it is impossible to deal with African-American studies; it is impossible to deal with this world without incorporating what hip-hop has done for the planet,” Lynn said.

    MC Lyte talks more about the partnership. Listen.
    MC Lyte announces $100K scholarship by S2Smag

    —Tracy L. Scott




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