Lil Scrappy talks proposal

    Lil Scrappy knew he had to propose to Erica Dixon when he saw how much she loved him on "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta."

    One of Scrappy’s major gripes in his relationship with Erica this season was that he felt like she didn’t really care about him. He wasn’t getting the type of attention he wanted from her and he said she wasn’t very affectionate.

    Just when she made an effort to give him what he said he’d been missing, Scrappy dropped the bomb that he was moving out. Seemingly it was too little, too late for Erica and Scrappy, but the rapper revealed that "LHHATL" gave him a whole new perspective on Erica’s true feelings for him.

    "I was able to see her love that I had never seen," Scrappy told Rolling Out magazine. "I mean, I have seen it, but I kind of messed that up so she hides it from me. So when she would go to her friends and share it, I could see it because I’m watching it."

    He also added a tidbit of advice for women. "Treat a man how he should treat you. If you think that you’re supposed to be treated like a queen, then you need to treat him like a king and vice versa."

    Later, Erica showed off her ring during a VH1 Q&A session during which one "LHHATL" fan demanded to see the ring. Apparently, Erica showing off her engagement ring had Shay feeling a little bitter because she snapped on Scrappy’s bride-to-be.

    "Girl, that piece of sh*t ain’t sh*t," said Shay. "And on top of that, when you waving some sh*t and trying to throw something in somebody’s face, make sure you have all the man ’cause he’s still over here. Get him off my line."

    Scrappy didn’t exactly deny that he’s still been in contact with Shay, but he made it clear that she wasn’t about to talk reckless about his family. "At the end of the day, I don’t mean no hard feelings to Shay, but I can’t let her do no sh*t like that. We’re not disrespecting each other," he stated.



    Take a look back at his proposal on the "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" reunion below! 




    —Sonya Eskridge




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