Barack Obama accepts DNC nomination

    President Barack Obama capped off an electrifying DNC by accepting the Democratic nomination for re-election.

    Barack wants your vote in November, and he thinks it should be a fairly simple decision when you step into the voting booth. After thankig his family and collegeauges for all of their suppoer her accepted the nomination for president, explaining why he thinks imperative that he get a second term.

    “When you pick up that ballot to vote – you will face the clearest choice of any time in a generation," the president stated."It will be a choice between two different paths for America. A choice between two fundamentally different visions for the future. Ours is a fight to restore the values that built the largest middle class and the strongest economy the world has ever known.”

    Barack pointed out that his administration has been incredibly transparent about its goals and the means used to achieve them. That’s more than he can say for his opponent Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. And he admonished Republicans for trying to gain votes without telling its constituency what measures it will take to achieve its goals.

    “Our friends at the Republican convention were more than happy to talk about everything they think is wrong with America, but they didn’t have much to say about how they’d make it right. They want your vote, but they don’t want you to know their plan," said Barack.

    The president also offered encouragemnet to voters by stating that America is not beyond repair.

    “Know this, America: Our problems can be solved. Our challenges can be met," said the president reminding everyone that they shouldn’t just be voting based on personality. President Obama wants Americans to vote based on the things that affect their everyday lives.

    "I’m asking you to rally around a set of goals for your country – goals in manufacturing, energy, education, national security, and the deficit; a real, achievable plan that will lead to new jobs, more opportunity, and rebuild this economy on a stronger foundation," he stated. "That’s what we can do in the next four years, and that’s why I’m running for a second term as President of the United States.”

    After drawing so many parallels between himself and his opponent, the president reminded everyone that American shouldn’t allow themselves to be so divided down party lines. Instead he moved for Democrats and Republicans to unite in the spirit of team work.

    “Yes, our path is harder, but it leads to a better place. Yes, our road is longer, but we travel it together. We don’t turn back. We leave no one behind. We pull each other up," said President Obama.

    And the president said he’s not deterred by things not going the way he would like, asserting, "We draw strength from our victories, and we learn from our mistakes, but we keep our eyes fixed on that distant horizon, knowing that Providence is with us, and that we are surely blessed to be citizens of the greatest nation on Earth. Thank you, God bless you, and may God bless these United States.”




    —Sonya Eskridge




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