Does Draya think Karrueche should worry?

    Questions may linger about the nature of Chris Brown’s relationship with ex-girlfriend Rihanna, but Draya Michele said her buddy and Chris’ new woman, Karrueche Tran, isn’t worried.

    “If you know Karrueche, if you know how they run their relationship, you could tell. She is not an insecure person. She doesn’t let none of that stuff people say break her. She’s good. She got her man,” Draya told “The Breakfast Club” DJs at Power 105.1.

    The fact that Karrueche and Draya, who is another of Chris’ exes, are friends could be considered an example of how secure the model is. While many women might not want to be friends with their man’s ex, Karrueche and Draya are close.

    “Her and I are friends more than him and I are friends. We’re cool,” said the “Basketball Wives: LA” star of her and Chris, “but that’s my girl.”

    Twitter photos of Karrueche and Draya, who admits she likes both women and men, had some wondering whether Chris had been involved in a threesome with the ladies. However, Draya denied those rumors.

    “Chris and Karrueche are in a relationship. That is their relationship. I don’t play any parts in their relationship. There are no threesomes,” she said. “I don’t want nobody’s man. I’m a girl who is used to being in a relationship. I’m used to having my own.”

    Draya dated Chris Brown for nine months after his breakup with Rihanna, but she wouldn’t go into detail about why they ended things. She did suggest that her psycho ways may have played a part in the relationship’s demise.

    “Whoever my boyfriend is at the time, I’m going to stalk his life,” she said. “I’m very jealous. I like to be a psycho girlfriend, and I like my man to be a little psycho.”

    Draya seemed to avoid physical confrontations on season 1 of “Basketball Wives,” but she said she doesn’t back down when it comes to her man.

    “I’ve busted out windows. I’ve climbed up fire escapes. I’ve beat the daylights out of girls. I’ve done it all. I got a little disorderly conducts under my belt,” she admitted.

    However, she assured that her psycho ways aren’t something Chris or Karrueche have to worry about now.

    “I don’t think I was an ex that she needed to be concerned about,” Draya said.

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    —Tracy L. Scott


    Is it weird that Draya and Karrueche are friends? Should Karrueche be more worried about Rihanna? Leave your comments below.


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