David Otunga misses J.Hud’s curves

    “I love the way she looks now, too, but I’ll be honest with you, I enjoyed the curves,” said David, who told Oprah Winfrey that the size 6 J.Hud isn’t much different than the size 16 version.

    “Honestly, it’s pretty much the same. It hasn’t really changed that much,” he said. “She’s a little more confident now, and that kinda sticks out, but to me, I liked her then, too.”

    While Jennifer’s physique has changed since their first meeting, David’s profession went through an even bigger transition. The Harvard Law grad exchanged the courtroom for the wrestling ring as a WWE performer.

    Some women might protest such a drastic career change, but Jennifer said she couldn’t deny her man the opportunity to do something he loved.

    “My mother would always tell us to follow our dreams, and I’ve been blessed to follow mine, and so I like to encourage others to do the same,” Jennifer said.

    Jennifer, who has been engaged to David for four years, also confirmed that the two are going to marry, and it will be sometime before their toddler heads off to college.

    “There is a wedding date,” said Jennifer, who reluctantly revealed that the ceremony should take place within the next two years.


    The couple also discussed their growing family. Watch.

    Jennifer talk about the impact of her family members’ murders.

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    —Tracy L. Scott

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