‘Basketball Wives: LA’ recap: 9.11.12

    There were lots of awkward moments and bootylicious introductions on the season 2 premiere of "Basketball Wives: LA."

    Jackie gets a dose of reality

    A real friend will tell you the truth, and that’s just what Jackie Christie’s friend Sundy did on Monday’s episode. Jackie wants to make up with the girls, but she doesn’t want to have to apologize.

    Sundy kept it real with Jackie by letting her know that there are a few different sides that to the "BBW: LA" queen bee, and she tried to get Jackie to admit to causing trouble however unintentionally

    Draya welcomes new model

    There’s a new urban model on the block as Draya Michele welcomed her friend Brooke Bailey to the show.

    And Draya gave her friend the lowdown on her cast mates before introducing her to the rest of the team. Although Draya can’t exactly call them the nicest group of ladies, she does give them points for being very supportive of any new projects.

    However, Brooke makes an interesting addition to the show by being something of a hybrid: an urban model/video vixen that’s dating an NBA player. She should be able to identify with her friend and the others, right? Right?

    Malaysia mends fences

    Malaysia might have been down to finish a fight last season, but it looks like she’s playing peacemaker this season.

    Things ended on a very bad note between Jackie and the rest of the cast (does anyone else remember her figuratively getting kicked out of Hawaii?!), but Malaysia is ready to give Jackie another chance.

    Malaysia wants to move past the drama, but Jackie still doesn’t seem to be taking responsibility for her part in the fallout. Malaysia didn’t feel like Jackie owned up to spreading false gossip, and it looked like not much has changed.


    Gloria meets Brooke

    Whatever Draya may have told Brooke about the rest of the cast, the newbie seemed to hit it off with Gloria Govan. What cracks us up is the fact that fact that Brooke knew she could be cool with Gloria after the "BBW: LA" vet voiced her amazement with the size of the model’s behind.


    Guess who’s coming to dinner?

    Brooke’s booty continued to win hearts and minds as she met at the rest of the cast at Gloria’s tasting party. Things seemed to be going well until there was a knock at the door.

    Guess who’s coming to dinner? No, really. Guess. If the cast of "BBW: LA" is so convinced that Jackie’s got more than one personality, then we wonder which one she picked as representative. This Jackie was very quiet to the point of being awkward and sort of wrecking the festive vibe.

    Sadly we can’t blame anyone but Malaysia for this mess. We just need to know how you invite an unwelcome guest to someone else’s party? Malaysia’s intentions were great, but the execution was oh-so-wrong.

    That said, Gloria wasn’t trying to be polite and that violates good hostess rule #1.


    For some reason we see table flips and tirades coming in the very near future on this show.

    —Sonya Eskridge

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