Eva Marcille talks heartbreak

    She was introduced to the world as Eva Pigford on cycle 3 of “America’s Next Top Model,” but Eva Marcille does more than just pose pretty.

    The actress, who has returned to reality TV in her own series on Oxygen, spoke to S2S Publisher Jamie Foster Brown about how she’s building the Eva brand and some the personal trials she’s met along the way.

    Get an excerpt here and pick up the October 2012 issue for more.


    Jamie: Well, now, you have a tattoo of a gun with four bullets for each of the men who broke your heart? They don’t be breakin’ my baby’s heart?
    Eva: They do. I have a .38 Special on my left hip, and it’s modeled, actually, after my own revolver, and it’s a symbol of me now protecting myself and guarding myself. It’s a symbol that I’m going to take my heart and my relationships more seriously and I’m gonna have more control over them. Because I literally have been broken so bad that I felt it was like a gunshot.

    Jamie: Eva, don’t tell me that. Oh my god!
    Eva: It’s true, though. I mean, I am very happy now and life’s good, but I’ve definitely had my fair share of woes, and especially in relationships.

    Eva talks more about her relationships with Flo Rida, Lance Gross and the new man in her life. Read it in the October 2012 issue of Sister 2 Sister.






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