Antwaun Cook admits cheating with Fantasia

    Antwaun Cook has come clean about cheating on his wife with Fantasia Barrino.

    Although Antwaun may not have been honest about when he left his now-estranged wife Paula Cook, legal files don’t lie.

    According, new court documents prove that he was still married to Paula when he started dating Fantasia.

    When the public first caught wind of Fantasia’s relationship with Antwaun, the pair swore that he was legally separated before they got together. Antwaun and Paula even went to court in 2010 to determine their official separation date. He claimed they split in September 2009, but she said they were still working on their marriage up until she found about Fannie.

    However, signed court papers state that he and Paula didn’t breakup until June 2010—nearly a year after he started dating Fantasia, whom he was first spotted with in August of 2009.

    “The parties consent and agree that Plaintiff [Paula] and Defendant [Antwaun] are husband and wife having been lawfully married to each other on October 1, 2005 and separated on June 16, 2010,” the document states.

    This essentially means that Antwaun is admitting that he did cheat on his wife to be with the "American Idol" singer. Since his "covert adulterous affair" happened in North Carolina, Paula could sue Fantasia under the Alienation of Affection law for being an active agent in the breakdown of her marriage.

    During the 2010 court proceedings, Fantasia had to detail her relationship with Antwaun, including an abortion that took place just before her highly publicized suicide attempt.

    Although Fantasia chose not to keep the first baby she would have had with Antwaun, they found themselves with child again in 2011. She delivered their son Dallas Xavier Barrino last December.

    Check out the most recent shot of Fantasia with her little man below!




    —Sonya Eskridge




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