Chris Brown helps victims of abuse

    Chris Brown lifted his 2012 ban against media interviews to spread the word about a cause he believes in: fighting domestic abuse.

    For three years, Chris, who witnessed domestic abuse firsthand as a child, has been volunteering at the Jenesse Center for children who’ve been exposed to abuse. His mother, who was a victim of domestic violence years ago, has been right by his side.

    The singer and actor, who struck his former girlfriend Rihanna in a highly publicized 2007 incident, said he volunteers his time to show often neglected and abused children that they are not alone.

    “It’s all about the love. I want to show kids that I love them,” said Chris, who can relate to what the children at the Jenesse Center endure.

    “I think, with my situation as a kid and me growing up, and the trials and tribulations that I dealt with in my life, it’s only right to share with the people who kind of go through the same thing as me and show them that there’s a way out.

    “My mom has a big heart. All my fans know that. As humans, that’s our nature to love one another. So, I think it’s only right that me and my mom help out people,” Chris told "Extra."

    Chris’ sentiments mirror that of his mother, Joyce Hawkins, who spoke exclusively to Sister 2 Sister last year.

    “Chris is a goofy person. He’s a comedian, but he has the biggest heart. He has a really huge heart. He wants to take care of everybody. He’s just a sweetheart,” Joyce said.

    Watch Chris’ “Extra” interview below.
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    —Tracy L. Scott


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