Keyshia Cole wants to deliver for her fans

    Keyshia Cole has an idea where her last album went wrong, and she’s sticking to heart-wrenching, woman-scorned music this time around.

    “I would want my fans to be happy and the last album didn’t make them happy. I would totally want to go back and rerecord that album and do something that helps them in their everyday life,” Keyshia told “I would change that last album.”

    Keyshia’s 2010 effort, Calling All Hearts, didn’t achieve the same success as some of her previous albums, but she said Woman to Woman will give her fans what they’ve been missing.

    “If what makes them happy is to have music that helps them get over relationships of people that are doing them no good, then I’m totally for it,” said Keyshia, who has called on writers to help her deliver.

    Since marrying NBA player Daniel “Boobie” Gibson and becoming a mother, Keyshia hasn’t written the “I’m done with the foolishness” songs that made her popular. However, she doesn’t mind going back to that place for her fans.

    “I’m totally happy every day with my husband and my son. When I go into that other light switch to go into that Keyshia Cole mode, that’s for my fans,” she said. “I am trying my hardest for this album to help them get over the bull that they go through with these guys even though I’m not experiencing it at this moment. I want to be supportive and understanding and caring to my fans as well.”

    Get more from Keyshia in the October 2012 issue of Sister 2 Sister.

    Keyshia said she’ll help upcoming artists even though Mary J. Blige didn’t help her. Watch.

    —Tracy L. Scott


    Is it fair that Keyshia, who is now in a happy place, needs to revisit hurt and pain to please her fans? Leave your comments below.


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