‘Basketball Wives: LA ‘ recap: 9.18.12

    There was lots of delectable drama for VH1 viewers to gobble up on "Basketball Wives: LA" on Monday!

    Sorry I’m not sorry

    Jackie Christie gave the most unapologetically oblivious apology in history of the world on Monday night!

    Having been excommunicated from the circle last season, Jackie attempted to make amends. We say attempted because although she was welcomed with just a dash of saltiness and a pinch of skepticism, she didn’t really come to offer an apology in the traditional sense.

    In all honestly, Jackie only agreed to apologize because she expected one from the rest of the cast.

    So how did that work out for her? Take a look.

    Can’t we all just get along?

    After that dinner party disaster, Malaysia had to apologize for bringing drama instead of win.

    Gloria Govan and Draya Michele understand that Malaysia was coming from a good place, but the execution was ALL WRONG. On the other hand, Malaysia should have know that inviting Jackie was going to blow up in her face.


    Double booking backfire

    Draya is happy to hang out with Brooke Bailey outside of work, but she expects to be the only diva on set when it’s time to work.

    While most people wouldn’t mind the occasional treat of working with a friend, Draya was not feeling. So, when she saw Brooke getting prepped for a photoshoot that she’d also booked, Draya decided to pull rank and leave.

    However, if the "BBW: LA" vet had stopped to think, she’d have seen that leaving the shoot was basically handing the competition a magazine cover.

    Gloria gets a day job

    There’s more to Gloria Govan than just being a reality TV star and aspiring cooking guru. The mother of two also wants to act! Luckily her dramatic classes seemed to have paid off and Gloria has just landed a new gig as booty-kicking ballet dancer. Gloria describes it at as a Lara Croft, Tomb Raider-eque role. No we totally see that. Lara Croft was an archaeologist with gymnastic skills to the rival the Fierce Five and mind tailor-made for , and Gloria’s character is a ballerina that shoots people. That’s totally the same exact thing. 

    Crazy ladies who lunch

    Laura Govan doesn’t mind hanging with crazy people, they’ve just got to own their delusions is all! She figures if she can be honest about the fact that she’s a little "not right" everyone else should be, too! Unfortunately, Jackie’s brand of crazy doesn’t allow her to do that. She really doesn’t seem to be plugged into the reality of her situation, which is that the majority of hr cast mates genuinely don’t like or trust her.

    Ride or die chick finds a target

    Oop! There’s another beef brewing, and yet again Malaysia is the middle of the mess. How? One of her homies named Bambi doesn’t see eye-to-eye with Brooke—mainly because Brooke’s man like’s to buy Bambi presents and flirt with her. Bambi is fully aware that she’s got a little extra "shimmer" in her milkshake, and she’s got no problem reaping the benefits! But anyone that tries to get between her and all the appreciation is in trouble. We’re looking at you, Brooke!




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