Was Wyclef trying to put Lauryn on blast?

    Wyclef Jean said he wasn’t just writing about his affair with Lauryn Hill and the subsequent paternity mix-up just to kiss and tell.

    “At the end of the day, I’m not coming at L,” he told MTV. "This is a period in my life. This is how I felt. If anything, I just brought closure to the chapter.”

    Wyclef received some criticism for putting the adulterous couple’s business in the street in his new book, Purpose: An Immigrant’s Story. In it, Wyclef recounts how he broke his marriage vows and entered into a forbidden affair with his Fugees bandmate. According to Wyclef, when Lauryn became pregnant with her first son, she misled him into thinking it was his.

    “I was married and Lauryn and I were having an affair, but she led me to believe that the baby was mine, and I couldn’t forgive that,” he wrote in Purpose.

    However, closure isn’t the only reason Wyclef is airing their dirty laundry. The singer said he wanted to warn future colleagues to not mix business with pleasure.

    “When [future groups] read the autobiography, they be like, ‘Oh man. Girl, you do look fine, but going by this biography, I can’t kick it to you. Let’s just do this group and make things work,’” he explained.

    While those reasons seem noble, Wyclef also hinted that maybe he was tired of being blamed for the breakup of the Fugees.

    “I’m the same guy that when Miseducation came out, y’all was mad at me. All the girls was like, ‘Oh. I can’t believe Wyclef broke Lauryn Hill’s heart.’”

    Wyclef acknowledged that there’s been lots of speculation about the couple’s romance through the years, and he said his book will set the record straight.

    “It’s always been different things that’s always been said. I just went into deep detail for y’all of what was said."

    For those who still think it was shady for Wyclef to speak ill of Lauryn for something allegedly done so many years ago, he’s unapologetic for telling his truth.

    “Autobiography means that I’m going to give it to you, and I’m going to spit to you the year and the era of what it was,” he said. “I don’t sugarcoat. I don’t think that I should have left it as a myth.”

    Watch Wyclef offer an explanation below.

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    —Tracy L. Scott



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