Andrea Kelly enjoying life after divorce

    Andrea Kelly said she’s living proof that there is life after divorce no matter who you had to leave behind.

    The "Hollywood Exes" star said she’s proud that her show could give VH1 viewers an example of women getting along and being there for each other. Although all of the ladies on the show have been friends for years, the common bond they all share is that they were once married to rich, famous men and they’re doing just fine without them now.

    As Andrea told, she’d like to inspire women to stand on their own if need be.

    "By doing this show, I would hope that people would say, ‘She’s strong,’" said Andrea, who hopes that she’s setting a good example for women that are coming out of a marriage. "[I hope] I’m that voice piece for women that are like, ‘How do I do this? What is life after divorce? How do I pick up and move on?’"

    As Andrea has shown it can be done no matter how well you were living before. "By the world’s standard, I had everything—luxury! You have the money, the jets—everything," she pointed out, urging other women to bet on themselves and strike out on their own if they are in bad relationships. "If I can walk away from R.Kelly—if [Mayte Garcia] can walk away from Prince, or [Nicole Murphy] can walk away from [Eddie Murphy]—then you can do it too!"

    Speaking of Andrea’s ex, the choreographer really didn’t give him a say in whether or not she would do that show. And she hasn’t asked for his opinion about it, either!

    "I have not spoken to my ex about doing this show, and it really don’t matter what he got to say," Andrea said with a bright smile on her face, refocusing the conversation on her. "This is a me journey."

    What’s next for Andrea? Find out in the video below!




    —Sonya Eskridge




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