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    After two decades in the game and a 7-year hiatus, Missy and Timbaland are back at it again with not one, but two new singles: “9th Inning” and “Triple Threat.”

    The two recently sat down with DJs at Power 105.1 in New York where Missy assured that the work is underway for her new album, but there is no release date yet.

    “It feels different. We been doing this for so long, it is reintroducing myself—and probably Tim too—to a whole [new] generation,” she said.

    Missy explained that illness is what kept her releasing new music these last couple of years. The rapper and producer was sick with Graves Disease, but now she doesn’t have to take medicine anymore.

    “I couldn’t record, but I been doing records behind the scenes, writing them, producing for every artist you can name,” she said.

    With that hiatus, came the pressure to release the type of music their fans love, something the two have to do despite the ever-changing music industry.

    “There are no real stars. There [is] nobody like Nas; there’s nobody that can replace Jay-Z’s shoes. Now today if you can rap, you in the game,” he said.

    When asked how they felt about Nicki Minaj, Missy kept it simple by saying she respects her hustle, while Timbaland had a bit more to say about the Trini rapper.

    “At the end of the day, she’s still a Black woman. So, just a Black woman doing something in this society, making a stand for Black American women is just big, whether you like her or not,” he said. “She like the female president for now.”

    Nicki isn’t the only Young Money artist the duo commented on. When asked whether anyone from Drake’s camp contacted either one of them about doing an Aaliyah album, Tim said it’s all blown out of proportion.

    “It’s all misconstrued. I think that it was presented in a way where it wasn’t that picture. He just called me like, ‘Yo, what happened, I think we were just doing a song and it blew out of proportion.’ I said, ‘Well, I don’t know.’ When it comes to Babygirl, me and Missy [are] defensive,” he said.

    But, Missy said it’s all about respecting Aaliyah’s family.

    “It’s a respect that has to be given and shown [because] for us, we can go on about our lives and yeah, we still mourn, but not the way this family, her mother, her brother, her father, they knew her before she was Aaliyah to the world, so until they come and say, ‘You know, Missy and Tim, we are ready to do an Aaliyah album,’ we just felt like we would pull back from it,” she said.

    Tim and Missy both agree that no matter how long it takes for an artist to make a comeback, if they produced good music, their fans would always be there.

    “If they rock with you, they rock with you. Real artists don’t have to move with the time, the time moves with you, you are the time,” he said.

    “We been doing this for two decades, and when you hear these records it’s like we never left,” she said.

    Watch the interview above.

    —Kimberley Glascoe

    Are you excited for new music from Missy? Should Drake have reached out to Missy and Timbaland before working on music featuring Aaliyah.


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