Tamar Braxton defends hubby against Akon

    Tamar Braxton wants her hubby Vincent Herbert to give her a little more attention when it comes to advancing her singing career.

    The debut of their spin-off "Tamar & Vince," which airs tonight, touches on the couple’s working relationship. There seems to be a little tension between Tamar and Vince when he seems unfocused on his wife during one of her recording sessions.

    When the happy, uber-entertaining couple sat down with "The Breakfast Club," host  Angela Yee wanted to know why he does’t give Tamar a little more support in the studio.

    "I’m very supportive of Tamar," Vince said, adding that he was actually doing some work for her in the clip Angela was referring to. "I treat my wife very well. I was actually listening to a record for her, and I’m always e-mailing and texting for her. That’s why we’re here this morning."

    Tamar didn’t go too hard on Vince this morning, acknowledging that her boo has a lot on his plate! She knows she’s not his only act and Tamar is familiar with the kind of hustle Vince has to have to keep up with all of his artists and give them the support they need to be stars.

    "It’s a whole lot because he’s trying to juggle everytihing. Not only is he executive producing my album, he’s my husband-ger—husband/manager—at the same time," said Tamar. "It’s a lot because sometimes I just feel like sometimes I need more attention because this record of mine is really important."

    And Vince wanted to make it clear that he didn’t just sign a deal with Tamar just because she’s his wife. The music executive thinks his better half really has something special.

    "I definitely believe in Tamar. Tamar is really one of the best singers in the business," Vince stated. "I’ve been knowing her for a long time—even before we started dating—and her voice has gotten better and better and better. Her talent…she’s an incredible song writer."

    He added, "She’s just really, really a great singer, and I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t believe in her."

    Despite their working out the kinks in their professional relationship, Tamar is very defensive when it comes ot Vince. She’s his biggest cheerleader when it comes to the things he’s accomplished (as any wife should be), so it was not surprise that Tamar went in for her man when the topic of Lady Gaga supposedly snubbing Akon came up.

    "Why would she mention Akon for?" Tamar asked. When Charlamagne Tha God stated that Akon claims to have discovered the "Edge Of Glory" singer, Tamar immediately fired back. "He’s a lie and the truth ain’t in him!

    Tamar added, "Where did he discover her at? What was the story he told? I was there when [Vince] discovered Lady Gaga, and Akon was nowhere near. I mean I’m just trying to be honest."

    As Tamar recalls, Gaga had a much different image when Vince first came across her online. "[Akon] didn’t find her on MySpace like this one did," she said referring to her husband. "[Akon] didn’t find her in the rollerskates with the bikini top—you know, I was little upset about that—but I’m just saying [Akon] was not there at the time."

    The pair also discussed Vince’s recent health scare and broke down how he wound up with seven blood clots with his pulmonary embolism. Tamar and Vince even dropped a little knowledge on the scienes of the condition, and why Black people are at higher risk, in the video below!



    Get Tamar’s take on their wedding when you flip through Daily Buzz 9.20.12!





    —Sonya Eskridge




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