S2S Review: ‘Tamar & Vince’

    Tamar Braxton and her husband Vince Herbert made an impressive showing with their spin-off series, "Tamar & Vince."

    We’re not sure how you feel about the new show, which premiered last night, but here’s what we think!

    What We Love:
    - We love that they’re talking to other married couples about how to make it work
    - Vince’s story about Tamar pursuing him was hilarious—she may have been steam-pressed about Vince, but she got her man!
    - The to-do list is too cute
    - Of course Tamar would have a stage in her house
    - Tamar’s head had more costume changes than a fashion show. We couldn’t keep up with all of the different hairstyles
    - Tamar’s praise break about shopping was too funny
    - The confessional setup looks a lot like a therapy session
    - Tamar and Vince show that real couples can bicker but still love each other
    - New characters are great, and Tamar’s producer showed that he can handle a diva like her
    - Tamar is a whole show all by herself, but Vince balances her out
    - "None-ya-boosh" = our new favorite way to tell people to mind their own business
    - Cameos by Mary J. Blige and Tisha Campbell-Martin are always awesome

    What They Need To Work On:
    - That theme song was not at ALL what we would have expected
    - Did Tamar really need to have her prospective assistant try on a dress for her?
    - The confessional setup looks a lot like a therapy session (yes we listed this twice)
    - We could have done without the live version of "Get Your Life" during the house tour
    - How’s Vince gonna share that birthday cake Tamar made for him with his then-girlfriend?  

    Did you see the show? What did you think?

    Check out pics from Tamar and Vince’s premire party.


    —Sonya Eskridge




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