Skyla Heavens gets divine guidance

    Skyla Heavens has had an incredible career so far, but she has yet to drop an official single.

    For someone who’s relatively new to national audiences, Skyla has built up an impressive résumé. In fact her first big show was opening for two of hip-hop’s heaviest hitters! Skyla first gained some attention when her single "Hot Metal," which sampled Eminem’s vocals from "No Love," was leaked onto the Internet. It immediately captured the interest of music lovers.

    But those in the industry already knew she was something special. In fact, it was Eminem’s musical director Adam Blackstone who gave her her big break. The singer revealed to us that she had actually been praying for guidance from God on what to do with her life.

    "I’m a very spiritual person. I always pray," Skyla shared with S2S. "I was going through a real difficult time when Mommy first got sick. She was really, really ill and I was at a crossroads in my career."

    Skyla told us that although her heart is in music, she would have been willing to follow any path.

    "That same night that I said that prayer, I received a call from [Adam] with an opportunity to sing for him," said Skyla, who recalled that Adam gave Skyla five of Eminem’s hooks to sing. She then posted the clips privately to YouTube for him to listen to and things took off from there. "Saturday I sent in the tapes, Sunday I got the gig and Monday I did the Jay-Z/Eminem tour at Yankee Stadium. God was not playing! That was my first show [with Eminem]."

    Now as part of Eminem’s touring band, she sings lead for the rapper. You might have seen her doing backup for him and Lil Wayne on "Saturday Night Live" when they performed "No Love." Of course, she has a few more impressive  acts on her resume as she has also toured with Melanie Fiona and Carl Thomas.

    But if there is anyone that Skyla love to work with next, hands down, it’s Mary J. Blige. Skyla grew up listening to all types of music, but it was Mary who really inspired her to sing.

    "I’ve always loved music, but When Mary came out, it was just an instant connection,"  Skyla told S2S. "I felt like, ‘Wow, she’s just like me. Maybe if she can do it, I can do it.’" 

    Skyla seems to be well on her way! Look out for her next single, "Hollywood," which is due out next year. 



    —Sonya Eskridge




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