Woman unknowingly wed her father

    Ohio native Valerie Spruill was married to her father, and didn’t find out until after his death.

    At 3 months old, Valerie was sent to live with her grandparents, and at the age of 9, the family secrets started to unravel.

    She found out her grandfather wasn’t her real father, and the woman she thought was just a friend of the family turned out to be her biological mother.

    Valerie’s husband-father, Percy Spruill, died in 1998, and it wasn’t until six years later that her uncle revealed the secret.

    It seemed while she was in the dark for so many years, she said "half of Akron" knew, which would explain all the whispers throughout the years that she could never understand.

    "It is devastating. It can destroy you," she told CNN.

    Percy and Valerie’s mother hooked up when he was 15, and his relation to Valerie was confirmed through a DNA test from an old hairbrush of his.

    Valerie said she isn’t completely sure if Percy knew she was his daughter or not, because he never talked about it.

    "I think if he did know, there’s no way he could have told me," she said.  

    Valerie was married previously, and had three children before her marriage to Percy. She said she told her children the news two years ago.

    "They are remarkable. They are handling it better than I am," she said.

    Now at 60 years old, with eight grandchildren, Valerie is continuing her healing process by talking to a therapist.

    "I’ve been getting great help, because, God knows, if I hadn’t of went and aired out how I feel, I wouldn’t have made it, because I would have continued to stress about this problem." 

    She said she wants her plight to be an inspiration, and has already begun helping others with similar stories.

    "If I come through this, anyone can come through this. Anyone can come through anything through the help of the Lord," she said.

    —Kimberley Glascoe


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