‘Basketball Wives: LA’ recap: 9.25.12

    Street Code > maturity

    Newcomer Brooke Bailey wanted to get to the bottom of whatever weirdness there is between her and Malaysia Pargo. The model can’t quite put her finger on it, but she’s sensed that there’s a bit of a wall between her and Malaysia.

    When Brooke invited the former video vixen out for lunch to straighten things out, she wasted no time trying to determine what Malaysia’s problem is. In a nutshell, she’s been acting a little stank because her friend Bambi has a problem with Brooke…and it all started over a man. In the end it didn’t matter that Brooke had tried to extend an olive branch, Malaysia came to lunch with the resolve that she would continue to back Bambi.

    So without actually giving Brooke a fair shot at giving her side of the story, Malaysia has just already decided who was in the wrong? Ok…that’s a totally mature decision.

    We can’t be too mad at her, though, since her heart is in the right place. She wants to stick by her friends right or wrong (or, in this case, really wrong). That’s the kind of friend everyone should want to have in their corner.

    Jackie’s big fat gay wedding

    In a show of solidarity with the LGBTQ community, Doug and Jackie Christie decided to have their 17th wedding at a gay club. We weren’t sure that manager was 1000 percent thrilled with the prospect of housing such a spectacle at his establishment at first, but he went along with it eventually.

    While touring the venue, Doug and Jackie found out that they could have a cage and a pool. The news obviously excited Doug who couldn’t fight the urge to bust a move.

    Doug’s dance? There are no words because it killed us. #Dead


    Mama, I’m coming home

    Jackie was super-jazzed to hear that her daughter was coming home for good. Her baby decided to put in her two weeks notice and leave Washington to come back and find her own place in Los Angeles.

    We’ve never seen someone so happy to see their adult child give up their job to move back in. Especially not in this economy!

    We can appreciate that Jackie missed her daughter, but wouldn’t it have been better for her to encourage her daughter to remain independent? Just a thought.


    Draya teaches Gloria how to work it

    Gloria Govan needs a little help getting her sexy together because her new movie role requires her to seduce a man and then kill him with her legs.

    Natually, she turned to Draya Michele for help in that department and the new Mrs. Barnes (she and Matt reportedly got hitched in Las Vegas this week!) picked exactly the right guide. Draya might have a side hustle teaching women how to work the pole and make it clap.

    Apparently half the trick of getting your booty to wiggle is to get in the right mindset. The other half? Just letting your cheeks do their own thing…as if your behind is a separate and independent being.

    Draya wasn’t just completely comfortable getting up close and personal with Gloria, but it seems she may have enjoyed it. Why? She’s got a little girl crush on Gloria. Matt better watch it! LOL




    Draya and Jackie have a chat

    After learning how to make her booty wiggle, Gloria sent Draya on assignment to feel out Jackie and see what she feels and thinks about the rest of the girls.

    Sadly, we have to say that Draya wouldn’t be a very good spy because she told Jackie her whole mission! In this situation, though, honesty was probably the best policy.

    Besides, the model was completely disarmed by Jackie’s plan to have a straight gay wedding. And she branded her support for the LGBTQ community right on her hip with a tribal taste-the-rainbow (Draya’s words) tattoo!


    Jackie calls Gloria

    After gathering intelligence on Jackie, Draya ran back to report her findings to Gloria.

    Draya knows who she is dealing with and she edited out about 50 percent of the craziness (her words!). Even at half the crazy, there was still plenty of it left to give Gloria some hesitation about meeting up with her nemesis.

    It didn’t help that Jackie just called Gloria during the middle of the debriefing—especially considering Gloria has no idea how Jackie got her new number.


    —Sonya Eskridge


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