‘Chrissy & Mr. Jones’ recap: 9.25.12

    Jim Jones and Chrissy Lampkin needed to get their house in order before they could think about marriage on the premiere of "Chrissy & Mr. Jones."

    Chrissy gets cold feet?

    After two seasons of trying to get Jim to put a ring on it, Chrissy is taking her sweet time to plan the actual wedding. That could be because she’s got so much else on her plate. For example, she and Jim have to be out of their house in less than a week and she wants to know where she stands professionally on his menswear line Protocol.

    But just in case Chrissy’s been too busy to think about her big day, Emily Bustamante is there to remind her that nuptials need to be planned. Naturally, the first order of business for Emily is getting Chrissy into a wedding dress! 

    Unfortunately the gown Emily picked out for Chrissy has the bride-to-be looking more like she should be standing on the wedding cake—not at the altar. On the plus side, the dress allows Chrissy to wear her custom-made sequin Chucks. It’s the only part of the wedding she’s got figured out.

    It’s not a good sign when the bride straps on a pair of sneakers. It just makes it easier for her to run!

    Show me the money

    Mama Jones’ song "Psychotic" is still causing problems. Now that Jim and Chrissy are over it, there seems to be some dispute over how any money made from the track should be split up.

    Even though Mama Jones came up with the concept, Freddy Robinson produced the track and shot the video. Now he’s seeking his cut of the profits from the viral hit, but Nancy sees things a little differently—so differently in fact that she’s willing to go completely "phsycotic" on Freddy.


    Chrissy needs help

    Back at the house, Chrissy and Jim are going through a similar struggle…just with fewer baseball bats.

    Chrissy is tired of doing everything on her own—figuratively, speaking of course. Although her maid has been a tremendous help in packing up the house, Chrissy wants Jim to get off his butt and start prepping for the move.

    But his unwillingness to budge parallels his stance on not giving her a bigger cut of Protocol. She does a lot of work for his menswear line, and she wants 15 percent of his 50, which is not unreasonable. Too bad for her, he’s not giving up a single bit of his slice.

    It’s not really greed, on Chrissy’s part. She just wants to be compensated for the work she’s done for him. Not to mention she’d like a real shot at dreams of working in the fashion industry.


    —Sonya Eskridge




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