Chrissy Lampkin ready for TV backlash

    According to Chrissy Lampkin, fans of her new show, “Chrissy & Mr. Jones,” will witness her real life, not the manufactured scenarios she was put in on “Love & Hip Hop.”

    “I’m dealing with things that are naturally unfolding instead of things that were situations I was put in,” she told “Everything I went through on ‘Love & Hip Hop’ was real, but was also a situation that I was put in, and [‘Chrissy & Mr. Jones’] is just life and they caught it happening.”

    The “Love & Hip Hop” spin-off premiered Monday and follows the couple as they take the next steps in their relationship and business. Chrissy said it’s a more authentic representation of what they really experience and scenes won’t be taken out of context or edited to produce the most drama.

    “It’s not that it’s more genuine, but it’s something that happens in natural order—like that’s the way things were really unfolding—instead of someone sit around saying, ‘What happens if we put this personality in front of that personality,’” she explained.

    Chrissy has accused “LHH” producers of bringing women on the series just to cause conflict with her, and Chrissy, who resorted to fisticuffs on more than one occasion, received some harsh criticism for how she handled those situations. For her, that’s the difficult part.

    “It’s hard to put your real life on display. The backlash of everybody feeling like they have an opinion is what’s going to be harder. Doing it is hard, but having to own it later with everybody else’s opinion that doesn’t really know, it’s going to be tough, but you know what, it’s what really happened. So, I’mma find a way to deal with it,” she said.

    This time around, Chrissy thinks dealing with critics will be easier since she feels like the show really portrays who she is.

    “To be honest with you, everything that you see is what I went through. So, how they choose to use it, I’ll live with because it’s all me,” she said.  "Every aspect is me whether they use it in a good light or bad light, I can live with it all ‘cause nobody made me do anything.”

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    —Tracy L. Scott



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