LaLa Anthony defends Kim Kardashian

    LaLa Anthony is more than a little annoyed with people referring to her friend Kim Kardashian as a whore.

    “We joke around and we have fun, but I’m really starting to get a little tired of people calling her that to me because if I was calling your friend a whore you wouldn’t like that,” she said.

    It was all laughs and smiles during LaLa’s interview with New York’s Power 105.1 radio station until a caller asked for LaLa’s advice. The unassuming voice wanted to know if she should worry about her own rep after befriending a girl with a questionable one. LaLa was visibly annoyed when Kim Kardashian’s name was mentioned.

    “No matter what people’s perception are, I know my friend, and I know her heart and who she is and she’s not a whore. We’re all grown now. I can’t be responsible for what people think about other people. I go off of how a person treats me, and she’s always been an amazing person to me,” LaLa said in defense of her friend.

    LaLa and “The Breakfast Club” hosts had just had a discussion about what exactly a “whore” is just moments earlier.

    While Charlamagne Tha God described it as a woman who is sneaky about her sexual conquests and romantic hook-ups. LaLa had a different definition.

    “I think a ho’ is someone who has no morals and values when they do what they do. I don’t think a ho’ is someone who sleeps around because if you’re single and you’re enjoying yourself, that’s kind of what you’re supposed to do,” LaLa said.

    As for the caller who wanted to know whether she should be concerned that her friend’s reputation might negatively affect her own, LaLa suggested she not worry about it.

    “If your friend has a bad rap, you can’t take responsibility for what your friend does. You shouldn’t be grouped in that category for what she does. You can only be responsible for your own actions,” she said.

    Watch more of LaLa’s interview below.


    See photos of LaLa with Kim, Carmelo Anthony, Kelly Rowland and more!


    —Tracy L. Scott


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