Lil Wayne loses memory in court

    Lil Wayne is having some memory issues in videos of his recent deposition over a failed documentary.

    Weezy was acting more like a defendant than the plaintiff as he took the stand in his case against Quincy Jones III.

    As a refresher, Weezy is suing Quincy over the documentary Tha Carter, which was to chronicle the production of his Tha Carter III album. While Wayne was cool with letting Quincy’s camera crew follow him around at first, things went left when the lyricist slammed the film as a "scandalous portrayal."

    During recent court proceedings, Weezy was utterly obstinate to a line of questioning about the film, his criminal history, his career and even his own identity!

    In video of his deposition posted to, it looks like Wayne led Quincy’s lawyer, Pete Ross, around the courtroom. Weezy, who wore a hoody to court, looked thoroughly uninterested in the legal proceedings as he examined his nails and recalled gigs that no one asked about.

    Of course, things got off to a rocky start as Pete asked Weezy to verify that he gave an interview with Katie Couric.

    The deposition continued careening downhill as Weezy refused to answer any questions by simply stating that he does not remember.


    And things only got worse as Wayne allegedly leveled some smug, thinly veiled threats after disregarding the judge.





    —Sonya Eskridge




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