Rihanna heading to court to support Chris Brown?

    Rihanna is seemingly ready for all to forgive Chris Brown for assaulting her, and is prepared to go to court to put an end to the crooner’s probation.

    While some might feel Chris has yet to make amends for striking Rihanna years ago, the Barbadian singer seems to believe he’s done enough.

    “Rihanna has spoken to Chris since his progress reporting hearing on Monday afternoon and offered her continued support. Rihanna told Chris she would go to court on November 1 for his court appearance and tell Judge Patricia Schnegg that she shouldn’t set a hearing to decide if he violated terms of his probation because he has accepted responsibility for his actions and has apologized to RiRi on multiple occasions,” a source to RadarOnline.com.

    Chris, who remains on probation and continues to participate in community service following the 2009 assault of his former girlfriend, is due in court in November at which time the judge is to decide if he violated his parole by failing a recent drug test. The singer tested positive for marijuana, according to reports.

    While some haven’t found it in themselves to forgive the Grammy winner yet, Rihanna is among those who’ve moved on. She released new music with Chris earlier this year, and even traded a public smooch with him at the recent MTV Music Video Awards.

    There are even rumors that Rihanna and Chris, who has another girlfriend now, have been secretly hooking up.

    No matter the status if their romantic relationship, the two seem to be in a good place and back in the platonic friend zone, at the very least.

    “Rihanna would also tell the judge that Chris isn’t the same person now, as he was on that fateful night when he assaulted her. Rihanna doesn’t care if she is criticized for standing my Chris. She genuinely loves him,” the source said.

    Rihanna admitted to Oprah Winfrey that Chris, who was exposed to domestic violence as a teen, was the love of her life.

    See Chris with Bow Wow, Monica Brown, Pooch Hall and more of his celebrity friends.

    —Tracy L. Scott


    Do you think Rihanna should speak on Chris’ behalf? Has he done enough to make amends for the assault? Leave your comments below.

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