Mimi Faust: Filming ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ was ‘terrible’

    Mimi Faust doesn’t have fond memories of her time working on "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta."

    By all accounts Mimi had a very dramatic introduction into the spotlight. Her on-again-off-again beau of 14 years, Stevie J, was sneaking around with another woman before America’s eyes, and Mimi was inadvertently one corner of a love triangle. It wasn’t the best look for Mimi, as the public wasted no time criticizing the fledgling reality star.

    So it was no surprise that she did not have a favorable answer when Street Disciplez asked her how the process of shooting "LHHA" really was for her. "It was terrible," Mimi very bluntly stated. "It was absolutely awful."

    Since the show debuted in June, Mimi’s had to defend her relationship with Stevie—whatever it is—while millions of viewers saw her getting cheated on all summer. And many perceived that Mimi never really left Stevie since he practically begged her to give him another chance and they went to couple’s counseling.

    While most people would assume that this means Mimi took him back, she insisted that that is not the case.

    "Misconception. I didn’t stick with anything. That’s what people don’t know," Mimi clarified. "Just because I agreed to go to counseling doesn’t mean I stuck with him. Just because you guys saw us at the park doesn’t mean I stuck with him."
    Should Mimi want to find a faithful man now, it seems that she’s got an endless supply of dudes that are willing to be good to her!

    "Men will just walk up to me in the grocery story and say, ‘I wouldn’t cheat on you, baby,’" Mimi shared, adding that she wasn’t aware how big the show was with the public until she started getting recognized on the street. She’s still adjusting to the fame. "I’m just a regular girl. I don’t think I’m this big celebrity, so when people come up to me it’s like I’m [in] ‘The Twilight Zone’ constantly."

    And Mimi dropped another bomb by revealing that Joseline wasn’t originally supposed to be part of the central cast. At first the stripper-turned-singer was just a side piece on "LHHA."

    "Joseline wasn’t supposed to be a cast member, that was the deal," Mimi explained. "We had all of the cast members in place. She kind of got on the show by default. She wasn’t initially a cast member at all."

    No matter how she feels about her experience on the show, Mimi knows that she needs proper management to capitalize on the opportunities coming her way. Being the savvy business woman she is, Mimi revealed that she’s now being represented by the William Morris Agency. She’s confident they’ll be able to help her out with a few side projects she’s got lined up.

    "’I’m doing a clothing line inspired by my daughter," Mimi revealed. "I’m doing a home line—kind of like Martha Stewart, but I’m nowhere near Martha Stewart—but a home line as far as like home accessories. Pillows, lamps, decorative things for the home."

    Mimi also plans to help you get your house in order with a new line of household organizers, which is what she does professionally anyway.

    "A lot of times I go into people’s homes and there’s a lot of stuff, but there’s nowhere to put the stuff," Mimi said. "I’m coming out with a line to organize each room in your home." 

    Of course if she wanted to, Mimi might also have a future in acting because she did a spot-on impression of Joseline in the video below!


    Check out Mimi, Stevie and Joseline at the "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" reunion when you flip through the slideshow below! 


    —Sonya Eskridge




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