Judy Smith talks ‘Scandal’ season 2

    Judy Smith said "Scandal" fans can expect higher stakes drama, both personal and political, on season 2 of the hit ABC drama.

    Murder cover-ups, kidnapping and affairs (not necessarily her own) are all just part of a normal day for Olivia Pope.

    "Shonda Rhimes has really done a terrific job at taking that crisis work that I do—it’s very high stakes—and she’s dramatized it for television," said real-life crisis manager Judy, who noted that her work isn’t nearly as exciting as it seems on TV. "Really if you followed me around every single day, I would bore you to tears."

    Judy can happily report that her own company has seen an increase in clientele since the show debuted earlier this year. But when people meet her, she is quick to establish that she is a different person from Olivia. The question she gets asked most is whether she ever had an affair with the president. The answer to that is, "no!"

    "We sort of have to clear up that very quickly," said Judy, who is married with kids.

    Although Shonda drew inspiration from Judy to create the show, Judy said Olivia is very much her own woman.

    "Olivia has an incredible personality. She’s very strong at work and very compassionate, and her personal life is a little messy," Judy told WJLA.  "I think you can count on that getting even more complicated and even more messier as the episodes go along."

    And the messes are "going to get crazier and crazier as the episodes go on, so just stay tuned."

    In case you missed last night’s season 2 premiere, you can watch it below!

    Get some tips on how to dress like Olivia from Kerry Washington when you flip through Daily Buzz 9.28.12 below!



    —Sonya Eskridge




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