Samuel L. Jackson campaigns for Obama

    Samuel L. Jackson is getting in your face about backing President Barack Obama in a humorous new political ad.

    Sam wants people fired up and ready to go for Election Day on November 6 because showing up at the polls just isn’t enough. The actor teamed up with the Jewish Council on Education and Research to encourage Barack’s backers to campaign just as hard as they did four years ago.

    In a takeoff of his voice work on Go the F*ck to Sleep, Samuel breaks down why he believes it’s important for Barack to be re-elected.

    The unconventional campaign ad "Wake The F*ck Up" was actually written by Go the F*ck to Sleep author Adam Mansbach, and it centers on a girl rallying her family to campaign for Obama.

    From her grandparents to her brother and sister, Sam shocks the girl’s family members out of their apathy and urges them  to get off their butts and volunteer.

    Adam was honored that they wanted to use his material as the inspiration for the ad, so much in fact that he offered to write the script. And he’s not particularly concerned with what people will think of the NSFW ad.

    "Of course there will be backlash; this is a political ad. Sh-t, there was a backlash when I published a fake children’s book, you know,"  Adam told Entertainment Weekly. "Inevitably, I’m sure I’ll get some hate mail. It will probably be very poorly written and badly spelled. Yeah, I have no doubt. But I also don’t give a f–k.




    —Sonya Eskridge




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