K.Michelle wishes luck to Toya Wright, ‘Miss Piggy’

    Although her first season of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” was marred by accusations that she embellished or just plain made up allegations of domestic abuse, K.Michelle said she’ll be back.

    “I am coming back to ‘Love & Hip Hop’ for another season,” K.Michelle told MadameNoire.com.

    That’s not to imply that her relationship with co-star Rasheeda, who publicly questioned whether K. was really a victim of abuse, has been mended. As a matter of fact, K.Michelle’s not sure things between them will ever improve.

    “I don’t think I’ll ever be cool with Rasheeda again because she adds no value to my life,” said K.Michelle, who did seem to be getting along with Rasheeda before the series actually hit the air.

    After her abuse allegations against MeMpHiTz Wright in the series premiere, K.Michelle and Rasheeda have been on opposing sides of the public argument. K.Michelle asserts her claims are true, while Rasheeda supports her friend MeMpHiTz and his wife Toya who believe it’s all lies and demand proof.

    However, K.Michelle has never changed her story, despite legal action that MeMpHiTz has taken against her.

    “I’m just real big on being really ride or die. I don’t do things for TV shows,” she said.

    As for Rasheeda, K.Michelle denied gossip that she’s just hatin’ on the rapper because she’s a happily married woman.

    “Me being jealous of Rasheeda being a wife. No offense to Kirk [Frost], but he has three earring holes in his ear. That’s not the kind of husband that I want anyway,” she said.

    When it comes to Toya and Toya’s friend Tamar Braxton, K.Michelle attempted to take the high road, but couldn’t resist another verbal jab directed at the “Braxton Family Values” star.

    “I basically spoke my truth and what I wanted to say, and I wish Toya the best of luck, and I wish Miss Piggy the best of luck as well,” she said.

    While she seems to have made quite a few enemies, K. said she does have some friends on the “LHHATL” cast.

    “Out of all of my cast mates, I can honestly say that I genuinely love Mimi and I genuinely love Erica,” she said.

    K. also talks about Stevie J. and being compared to Keyshia Cole. Watch.

    —Tracy L. Scott

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