Lee Boyd Malvo admits he was ‘a monster’

    Ten years after a killing spree that went on for three weeks and left 10 innocent people murdered in cold blood, Lee Boyd Malvo finally admits, “I was a monster.”

    Lee, who was 17 at the time of the attacks, says that his partner in crime, then 41-year-old John Allen Muhammad, “brainwashed” him, according to The Washington Post.

    Lee continued, “He knew exactly how to motivate me by giving approval or denying approval. It wasn’t violent at all. It’s like what a pimp does to a woman.”

    According to Malvo, John Muhammad took him to a shooting range before the killings and told him to visualize his weaker self being killed as he pulled the trigger on his targets.

    Lee, now 27-years-old, also told The Post that he was affected by the look in Ted Franklin’s eyes after Lee had just murdered his wife Linda Franklin saying, “Words do not posses the depth in which to fully convey that emotion and what I felt when I saw it.”

    John Allen Muhammad was executed in 2009 and Lee Boyd Malvo is currently serving six life sentences with no possibility of parole.

    Although he has acknowledged that no apology can ever undo the pain he has caused to the friends and family of the victims, or the terror he brought upon a whole city, Malvo is remorseful.

    “There’s nothing that I can say except don’t allow me and my actions to continue to victimize you for the rest of your life,” a contrite Lee said. “Don’t allow myself or Muhammad to continue to make you a victim for the rest of your life. It isn’t worth it.”

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    —Jacob Rohn


    It’s been 10 years, do you believe he’s learned from his mistakes? Do you remember where you were when the D.C. snipers were apprehended? Leave your feedback below.

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