‘Chrissy & Mr. Jones’ recap: 10.2.12

    Business and babies were the focus on Monday’s episode of "Chrissy & Mr. Jones."

    Business lunch bust-up

    Chrissy is attempting to bring two clashing styles together she proposed a new business venture to her friends Emily Bustamante and Talia.

    Ideally, Chrissy would like all three of them to work together, but neither Talia nor Emily are predicting good things for their clothing line because they already don’t get along.

    Looking at it objectively, though, Chrissy sees that they each have something that is necessary to make a men’s clothing line work.

    Emily is skeptical about Talia’s skills because she’d never heard of the stylist before their business lunch. But we’d like to point out that no one knew who Emily was (especially not when it came to her relationship with Fabolous) before the first season of "Love & Hip Hop." Meanwhile, Talia’s got a decent roster of clients, including Trey Songz. Sooo…yeah.

    Freddie wants to be friends

    You can’t always do business with friends: Mama Jones’ buddy Freddie wants to make amends after a disagreement about their song "Psychotic."

    Nancy grudgingly forgave him, but she’s still making him sweat it out a bit. In the meantime, she’s roped him into working on a new project with her.


    Eau de Mama Jones

    Nancy has a new idea for a cash cow: a perfume that smells like money and a definitive part of the female anatomy.

    It’s called PumKásh, and Nancy really want Chrissy and Jim to back her up on this new project for the perfume counter. Nancy predicts that it will be a hit, but Chrissy and Jim have some reservations about the scent.

    And even though she chased Freddie out of her house with a baseball bat, she’s bringing him in to direct the commercial. He may want to get an equitable agreement in writing before he gets on the set, though.


    Maybe baby…maybe not

    Chrissy wants to be a mother, but she wants to put her eggs on ice so that they’re available when she’s ready for kids. Unfortunately for her, the fertility doctor told her that conceiving a child now would be better for her and any prospective babies.

    But before they add to their family, Chrissy wants Jim to settle down a little so that she’s not practically raising their little ones on her own. The rapper’s not so keen on that idea, though, and hearing that he can’t have kids with Chrissy without meeting a few requirements is putting him in a bad mood.

    The thing is, Chrissy’s got a point. Even Jay-Z has slowed down a little now that Blue Ivy was born. He’s still a very busy man, but he’s carved some time out of his hectic schedule to be a dad. If Hov can do it, so can Jim.

    All Jim knows is that he wants kids right now, but he’s not willing to give anything up to have them. Chrissy doesn’t want him to completely leave the hip-hop game, but she wants him to be home a little more.


    —Sonya Eskridge

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