Chris Brown, Rihanna together again?

    Chris Brown and Rihanna reportedly excused themselves from the dance floor of a New York nightclub to spend some time together in the restroom.

    Chris and his entourage arrived at Griffin nightclub in the meatpacking district Tuesday night and minutes later, Rihanna showed up with her friends, the New York Post reports.

    “They sat two tables away from each other. Chris made his way over to Rihanna. He raised his shirt and was dancing promiscuously. Then they started dancing together and hugging and kissing in front of everyone,” a source said.

    According to reports, the former lovers then decided they needed some private time and went into a bathroom together.

    “She seemed a little ruffled,” the observer said, describing Rihanna’s appearance when she re-emerged.

    Although there have been no official reports of a breakup between Chris and girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, recent Twitter posts from the model have many assuming their relationship is near its end.

    Of course, the constant rumors of his secret liaisons with Rihanna and a public display of affection between the exes at the recent MTV VMAs hasn’t helped keep Chris and Karrueche tight.

    In contrast, Rihanna and Chris seem to be friendlier than they’ve been in years. The singer is even rumored to have offered to testify at Chris’ upcoming probation hearing.

    According to reports, celebrities Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, Tyson Beckford and Bow Wow were all present at the nightclub.

    —Tracy L. Scott

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