Elle Varner talks sex appeal

    Her onstage outfits may have considerably more fabric than her R&B counterparts, but Elle Varner said she still knows a thing or two about sex appeal.

    “I do exude sex appeal. It’s just not like showing every part on my body,” the “Refill” singer recently told the DJs at Power 105.1.

    That same subtlety that fans encounter in her wardrobe carries over to her music.

    While her album, Perfectly Imperfect, includes a few baby-making songs, Elle said there’s nothing overtly sexual. The raunchiness is something she tries to avoid.

    “Songs, they can be so overly sexualized that you don’t want to sing the lyrics ‘cause they’re nasty,” she said. “I can say something about how I feel without being nasty, and you can sing along.”

    Watch more of Elle’s interview below.

    Get more from Elle in the November 2012 issue of Sister 2 Sister.






    —Tracy L. Scott





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