Mona Scott-Young talks Shaunie O’Neal comparisons

    Although the two reality show creators have never met, Mona Scott-Young said she’s often grouped with “Basketball Wives” executive producer Shaunie O’Neal.

“[I] never had a conversation with Shaunie,” Mona recently told S2S Publisher Jamie Foster Brown. That might surprise most considering the two seemingly have a lot in common. In addition to both being mothers, reality TV execs and Black women, each lady is responsible for developing a piece of TV pop culture with their respective series.

    Mona is the mother of the “Love & Hip Hop” franchise, and Shaunie is the queen of “Basketball Wives.” Both shows have found a wide audience and both have been the target of boycotts, critics and Black community advocates who feel the series reinforce negative stereotypes.

    “They go in. I’ve been told my mother is a crack whore. Oh, they go in,” Mona laughed.

    There’s little doubt Shaunie O’Neal, who’s vowed to present a more positive “BBW” going forward, has dealt with a lot of the same harsh criticism as Mona. However, the ladies have yet to trade notes, commiserate or celebrate over a bottle of wine.

    “We’ve never met. We get put together all the time, like on Twitter, they’ll be like, “@ShaunieONeal and @MonaScottYoung, you both are ratchet,” she said.

    Mona talks about Stevie J, “Love & Hip Hop,” Chris Lighty and more in the November 2012 issue of Sister 2 Sister.






    —Tracy L. Scott


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