Tracee Ellis Ross launches fashion website

    "Girlfriends" star Tracee Ellis Ross is owning her persona as a fashionista with a new website.

    Since her days playing Joan Clayton, Tracee has been inspiring women to be daring with their personal style. It’s worked for her! With various configurations of her natural curls and effortless aptitude for throwing together a fly look, the actress has become someone to watch when you’re figuring out what to wear next.

    Now she’s letting you in on a few of her style secrets with the launch of her official webstite, But it’s not just about style: Tracee said that she’s really sharing a part of herself with the new site. 

    "I hope you discover here that you enjoy," Tracee said in an intimate welcome video to visitors. "The content is gong to change often and frequently, but my intention is that this be a collection of things that make my heart sing."

    While the site is very much centered on Tracee right now, she’s hoping to get her visitors to contribute and share something about themselves through her website. "I’m hoping that we evolve into a community," she said.

    Fashion is certainly the most prominent feature on, as she draws inspiration from different fashion magazines and artists. A deeper look at the site reveals that it is broken up into four different sections: Hair & Beauty, Style, Inspiration and Well-Being.

    With a little digging, fans can find out anything you want to know about what’s going on with Tracee now. From her favorite snack to her must-see TV shows and even her thoughts on boobs, the actress holds nothing back.


    Get more shots of Tracee’s winning style (both inner and outer) when you flip through the slideshow below!


    —Sonya Eskridge




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