‘Basketball Wives: LA’ recap: 10.9.12

    Gloria Govan shared a personal tragedy that she suffered alone on Monday’s episode of "Basketball Wives: LA."

    Laura and Gloria make amends

    Laura loves Gloria, but she thinks her littler sister has become a little selfish and misguided. In a word, Laura feels that Gloria’s gone a little "Hollywood." That’s created a rift between the sisters, who are no longer as close as they were the first season. So in an effort to reconnect, Laura and Gloria had a little heart-to-heart after a quick game of basketball.

    During the chat Gloria pointed out that Laura kind of abandoned her after she broke up with her now-husband Matt Barnes for eight months last year. The Govans love Matt, so Gloria didn’t think anyone in her family would have understood her need to have a little time apart.

    And Gloria let it slip that she felt particularly alone after suffering a miscarriage.

    Bambi continues beef against Brooke

    Bambi continued her Brooke-bashing campaign during a night out with Malaysia and Draya Michele.

    Draya doesn’t want Brooke and Bambi to start a lot of drama on the show, but Brooke is trying to figure out which side the model will take. While Draya is the one that introduced Brooke to the show, things have been a little weird between them since they were double-booked for a photoshoot. All of a sudden, Brooke is no longer Draya’s girl, she’s just a friend "through the industry."

    Bambi seems to have an agenda when it comes to her beef with Brooke: Get as many people on her side as possible. We’ve never seen someone work so hard to maintain a one-sided feud because Brooke doesn’t seem all that pressed about her. But Bambi is talking about Brooke nearly every time she gets on camera. To be fair, though, people do keep asking her why she’s got a problem with Brooke.

    Draya gets her fortune told

    Draya got a little quality time with her mom as the pair went to get a psychic reading. Draya’s looking for a little guidance on whether or not to move her family out to Los Angeles because she’s not sure whether it would be the right decision for everyone.

    The psychic gave her a little encouragement and a little advice.

    Wedding planning with the Christies

    Jackie and Doug Christie wanted to do something unconventional with their wedding this year, so they booked it at a gay club. Jackie was feeling everything about what the club manager had set up until she saw that there might be a female go-go dancer stealing a little of her shine.

    But after a wiggle, Jackie got with the program.

    Draya jumps at Jackie

    Jackie is really good at the pseudo-apology, especially if she’s got an audience—which was exactly what she had during a cast dinner. Jackie came out apologizing, putting on a good front of being the bigger person.

    But as every viewer knows by now, she will quickly toss the nice-girl act out of the window when the reconciliation doesn’t go her way. When Draya got a little loud about explaining why she can’t accept Jackie’s "sorry," Jackie snapped. The model felt a little disrespected and after the 19th time of Jackie calling her a hoe, Draya jumped at her. But Jackie was the first one to throw a punch.


    —Sonya Eskridge







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