‘Chrissy & Mr. Jones’ recap: 10.9.12

    Chrissy Lampkin has no problem taking the lead in business, but it was a little different at home on the latest episode of "Chrissy & Mr. Jones."

    Now or never

    There will be no babies for Jim Jones and Chrissy until he gets his act together. The problem there is that if Jim waits too long to get his act together, there’s a good chance that she’ll be too old to start a family with him.

    At 41 years old, freezing her eggs is not a great option for Chrissy. Certainly older woman have carried and delivered healthy babies, but Chrissy’s fertility doctor doesn’t suggest that she wait.

    Emily Bustamante makes her friend face the cold reality that this means she may never have kids. While Emily’s got two children of her own, she wishes she had a man that was ready for marriage like Chrissy does.

    Pumkásh commercial

    After that whole "Psychotic" debacle, Freddie Robinson is working hard to get back in Nancy Jones’ good graces. That means he’s got to convince everyone that she’s an appropriate spokeswoman for the supposedly sexy scent, Pumkásh, all while making her feel like a major diva.

    It would have helped if he was a little more organized in his mission because he showed up to shoot the commercial for Pumkásh without a storyboard for everyone else to follow.

    Ah yes, much like Jim Lehrer at last week’s presidential debate, Freddie is letting Mama Jones run all over him. It would be funny if it weren’t so sad.


    Who’s bad?

    There was another fashion clash as Chrissy brought Emily and Talia together to move forward with their men’s fashion line.

    But it seems that Emily was less interested in talking business than she was in picking apart Talia’s biker-meets-ballerina ensemble. Of course Emily didn’t have much room to talk with her cut-out leggings that showed off lots of skin.

    Chrissy cut the tension by laying out a game plan. She needs the to bring their styles together by drafting 15 sketches for the line while she goes out to find an investor.


    Bye baby?

    Chrissy made another attempt to tell Jim that he’s got to change his routine if he wants to start a family with her. She doesn’t intend to live like a single mom while Jim’s out chasing paper and hustling in the studio.

    He doesn’t seem to be budging on making any of the appropriate changes it would take for Chrissy to feel comfortable about having a baby. When she tries to have a discussion about it, he shuts down. "Please believe that you are now talking to a brick wall," she said.

    Emily said earlier in the episode that if a man’s not taking care of home, a woman will leave. Well, it seems like Jim is completely okay with that possibility. When Chrissy revealed that she’d found a place of her own, Jim was not all the pressed about getting her to stay.


    —Sonya Eskridge


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