Did Laura Govan already marry Gilbert Arenas?

    Like her sister Gloria Govan, it seems Laura Govan may have snuck in a wedding while her “Basketball Wives: L.A.” fans weren’t looking.

    “We actually kinda got married. We did the whole, ‘I do. I do,’ we just haven’t had the wedding,” Laura told Celebuzz.

    Laura didn’t reveal when she and longtime boyfriend Gilbert Arenas exchanged vows, but in 2011, she said, "I feel like we’re already married."

    While her “BBW: L.A.” co-star, Jackie Christie, puts together a wedding ceremony each year, Laura said she’s patiently waiting for her day to walk down the aisle.

    “Hopefully, when the time is right… We’re just not in a hurry to go spend $2 million,” she said. “That’s what my price range is. My ring is worth $1 million, so I had to double the wedding.”

    Time is something the mother of four is short on these days, but a cookbook and workout DVD are in the works and keeping her busy.

    “I’m on the go, but I bust it real fast,” Laura explained. Her recipes offer 30-minute meal ideas for kids. “I like for my children to eat healthy. Even when I’m not home, I prepare meals for the week.”

    Season 1 viewers may remember Laura being a bit plumper, but she said eating healthier and working out helped her shed the baby weight. At her heaviest, she was 224 pounds.

    “You have to really not be lazy. You have to really be dedicated. I had to remind myself that this is where I was and this is where I want to be,” said Laura, who worked out in the mornings and nights while her children were asleep.

    She plans to share those helpful tips with those who purchase her DVD when it’s eventually released.

    “I want to inspire women and help them realize that you have to really change your mind. If you don’t do that, you’re never going lose it,” she said. “You have to not be lazy and think outside the box.”

    Now that she’s one of the slimmer women on the show, are her co-stars throwing her any shade?

    “They don’t approach me with that stuff. I don’t pay attention to people enough to even realize or know if they’re jealous or not,” said Laura, who offered a little tease about what’s coming up this season.

    “You’ll definitely be entertained. There’s a lot that’s happening. We’re getting away from the creepy Jackie story. So, it stems off into other things. You’ll definitely be fulfilled with drama,” she said.

    Watch more of Laura’s interview below.

    See Laura, Jackie, Evelyn Lozada, Jennifer Williams and more ladies of “Basketball Wives.”

    —Tracy L. Scott


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