Keyshia Cole talks marriage counseling

    Daniel Gibson admits he was initially reluctant to seek professional help when it came to his marriage to Keyshia Cole, but they’ve found counseling helpful.

    “At first, I didn’t believe in it. I’m a strong Christian, so I believed that, like, you go to God and you fix it and you pray about it, but sometimes you do need a different opinion,” Daniel told

    While Keyshia describes herself as “happily married,” she admitted that it’s not always easy.

    “Being happily married takes work,” she said. “It’s not like we’re just happy all the time, but we’re growing and learning each other consistently.”

    Keyshia and Daniel are also learning more about themselves as individuals.

    “Once I get upset, there’s kind of no turning back,” Keyshia explained. “He knows that that’s not fair, and I know that’s not fair. Sometimes I really get caught up in my emotions and I’m really good at it. So, like our psychiatrist says, I have to try to do ‘the unnatural thing.’ So, I’m trying.”

    Having a mediator to help them hash things out has benefited the couple, as has keeping in constant contact, despite their busy schedules.

    “We’re inseparable no matter where we are. We always talk. We’re always on the phone. We enjoy each other’s company, so any time we spend time apart, we automatically start missing each other. I think that’s why our relationship is just so much fun,” Daniel said.

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    —Tracy L. Scott

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