Stacey Dash quotes MLK to defend vote

    Stacey Dash used the words of slain civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. to defend her choice to vote for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

    “This is the man I want to lead my country. It’s my constitutional right to have who I want to vote for president, and I chose him not by the color of his skin, but from the content of his character,” the former “Single Ladies” actress told Piers Morgan.

    While some of her critics questioned Stacey’s “Black card” after publicly tweeting that Mitt is the “only choice for your future,” she said that just serves as proof that our country is divided.

    “The state of our country is that we are not united. We need to be united,” she said. “People are going to have their own opinion, and that’s the point. We’re all entitled to our opinion, and I used my platform to exercise my First Amendment right as an American citizen to say who I am choosing to vote for.”

    After her tweet and subsequent hate mail that included calls for her to kill herself, Stacey was contacted by vice presidential candidate, Paul Ryan, who thanked her for her bravery.

    “I really don’t understand the fury. I don’t understand it. I don’t get it. I was shocked, saddened and shocked, really shocked,” said Stacey, whose Twitter following increased by about 30,000 after her comments.

    The Clueless actress, who voted for Barack Obama in 2008, clarified that her decision to back Mitt wasn’t an uneducated one. She’s been following his campaign and honestly feels he’ll improve things for America.

    “I want the next four years to be different, and I believe him. I’ve watched him for a while and when I watched the governor and his wife on ‘Meet the Press’ with David Gregory, they spoke to me. They seemed authentic and genuine in what they said about this country and the need for us to be united and move forward and really bring up our economy: make money,” said Stacey, who is currently an unemployed actress.

    While Stacey admitted she was saddened and shocked, she said she wasn’t angered by the backlash.

    “You can’t expect everyone to agree with you,” she said.

    See Stacey explain herself below.

    —Tracy L. Scott


    Stacey said she’s voting for Mitt because of his character, not his color. Is she implying that some Blacks are just color struck by Barack Obama? Post your feedback below.


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