Beyoncé tired of Rihanna’s drama?

    Beyoncé is reportedly encouraging hubby Jay-Z to cut ties with his protégé, Rihanna.

    “She’s told Jay that RiRi’s beyond hope and just isn’t their problem,” a source told the UK’s Now Daily.

    While Rihanna was once to Jay-Z what Nicki Minaj is to Lil Wayne, her recent public trials, most notably her on-again-off-again love triangle with Chris Brown, has apparently strained that mentee-mentor relationship.

    “This drama has been going on for so long and people get hurt because [Rihanna] won’t grow up,” said the source.

    While Beyoncé’s image is as squeaky clean as any celebrity in recent memory, Rihanna is more of a wild child, responding to criticism from her Twitter followers, often being photographed in nightclubs and tweeting questionable images on her social media sites.

    According to Now, Rihanna’s recent photo of a stripper between her legs, and reports that she was seen vomiting in a club are the last straws for Bey.

    “Bey wants Jay to keep his distance,” she said.

    This isn’t the first time Beyoncé has reportedly decided to avoid her husband’s acquaintances. After Jay-Z’s Throne partner, Kanye West, began dating reality star Kim Kardashian, gossip spread that Bey wanted nothing to do with the couple. However, she’s since been photographed partying with Kim.

    See family photos of Bey with Jay, sister Solange and more!

    —Tracy L. Scott


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