Nelly detained following drug search

    Nelly was detained in Texas on Wednesday night after drugs were found on the rapper’s tour bus.

    Using a police dog, authorities found a loaded gun, heroin and large quantities of marijuana, according to TMZ.

    Nelly, 37, and six other people were in the vehicle at the time that it was stopped and searched. All were detained until one passenger, Brian Keith Jones, admitted that the illegal items belonged to him.

    At the time of the admission, Nelly and the remaining five passengers were let go.

    According to TMZ, more than 10 pounds of marijuana were found in the bus inside a duffle bag, along with 36 small bags of heroin.

    The checkpoint where Nelly was stopped is reportedly a popular one that’s resulted in legal troubles for multiple celebrities, including Snoop Dogg.

    —Tracy L. Scott


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