Bus driver suspended for striking unruly woman

    A Cleveland bus driver has been suspended after a video of him sucker-punching a woman surfaced.

    It was originally reported that the female passenger was a teenaged girl, but more recent reports indicate that the woman is actually 25.

    The female rider is seen shouting obscenities at the seated driver. He threatens to have his granddaughter come physically fight her, and the woman seems to either strike or spit on the man.

    At that time, he rises from his seat, violently strikes the girl and tosses her from the vehicle.

    “She want to be a man; I’mma treat you like a man,” the driver responds after shouts of, “That’s a girl!” come from inside the bus. “Stop him,” screams another passenger.

    The Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (RTA) reportedly suspended the driver upon identification.

    “We believe the incident occurred on Sept. 18. Upon identifying the driver, he was immediately suspended and removed from duty. His behavior is absolutely unacceptable,” read a statement from the RTA.

    While it’s often accepted that men should restrain themselves and never strike a woman no matter how provoked, some commenters supported the bus operator.

    “You hit [and] provoke an animal, you expect to get mauled by that animal. She provoked him so to hell with her and everyone else that says ‘he had no right to hit her,’” wrote one YouTube user.

    However, another defended the abused woman.

    “If you have to punch a woman to resolve a conflict with a woman, you aren’t much of a man,” wrote another YouTube commenter.

    Watch and judge for yourself.

    —Tracy L. Scott


    Which party was in the wrong? Is a man ever justified in hitting a woman? Should both parties be charged with assault? Leave your comments below.


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