Tamera Mowry-Housley attacked on Twitter

    Tamera Mowry-Housley came under fire for tweeting about the vice presidential debate and her hubby was not having it!

    In a discussion, Tamera would prefer that everyone get a clear shot to speak their piece without being interrupted. It’s just the polite thing to do.

    During last Thursday’s debate, Vice President Joe Biden was very aggressive while facing off against Mitt Romney’s running mate Paul Ryan. Without hinting at her own political leanings, Tamera tweeted that it rubs her the wrong way when people talk over one another.

    Who knew that would set off so many people on Twitter? Almost immediately, Tamera was the target of angry critics that accused her of supporting Mitt, which wasn’t as bad as the comments she got about being married to Adam, who’s White.

    "I never favored 1 side ovr the othr but as a whole I believe we need 2 be respectful. #repubsanddems ! No need 2 attack, assume or be racist," she tweeted last week. "All I said was I hate ppl interruptin people. And I got a ton of tweets assuming who I was voting 4 and racist remarks becuz of my husband."

    Tamera seemed to be comforted by one of her followers tweeting her a little Biblical encouragement. "Matthew 5:11 ‘blessed r u when they revile n persecute you, and say all kinds of evil against u falsely for my sake.’ —thanks @drearegalado," She wrote.

    While Tamera seemed to have no problem speaking up for herself, Adam jumped in to defend her. "Seriously?! You attack my wife @TameraMowryTwo because she said people were talking over each other. Then assume who she’s voting for," he tweeted in disbelief.

    He added that her detractors "should be ashamed" of themselves for making such ugly remarks because she’s in an interracial relationship. "This is 2012. You don’t know me..and you don’t know my wife @TameraMowryTwo How dare people make such horrible comments.That’s true racism," Adam tweeted. "That’s whats wrong with discourse right now in the country. My wife @TameraMowryTwo tweets nothing political, but is attacked."

    He seemed astonished that some Black people were mad that Tamera was not acting how they want her to behave. And since race seemed to be such a sore spot, Adam thought he ought to break down how voting will not be determined in their house.

    "That’s not freedom, that’s brainwashing junk. You don’t know her. You don’t know her views. You don’t know who she supports. Zip your trap," he stated. "It’s simple people. Just because Romney is white I am not voting for him. Just because Obama is black Tamera isn’t voting for him."



    —Sonya Eskridge




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