TJ Holmes thinks Mitt Romney’s a fighter

    BET host TJ Holmes thinks Mitt Romney could give President Barack Obama a run for his money come Election Day.

    Barack and the GOP candidate are set to debate the issues tomorrow night at Hofstra University. And after their first match-up on October 3, some political experts argue that the president has a lot to prove when he sits down with Mitt on Tuesday night.

    The 2012 presidential race was getting a little boring for TJ Holmes, host of the new BET late night show "Don’t Sleep with TJ Holmes," so the first face-off between Barack and Mitt was a nice surprise for him.

    "To be honest with you, I was very—I was pleased that Governor Romney showed some fight, some vigor in that last debate because it was getting to the point where it was feeling like a blowout," TJ told S2S during a recent chat, noting that the debate could make for a more exciting election season.

    While TJ may have predicted a nearly automatic re-election for Barack, he thinks the debate may have given undecided voters even more to think about than before.

    "I’m a political junkie and we get this every four years and I didn’t want to get to election day and it was essentially [a] blowout. You know, I want it to be competitive," TJ said. "[Mitt] got himself back in the game, so it was kind of ‘game on’ and I was happy to see it maybe changed things up and it’s going to be competitive."

    While many news outlets deemed Mitt the winner of the first debate, things didn’t go nearly as well for his running mate Paul Ryan. The 42-year-old Wisconsin congressman was outmatched by Vice President Joe Biden, who didn’t hide that he disagreed with Paul on nearly every issue. Though Joe had facts to back up his arguments, he would often interrupt Paul and even laughed in his face at one point.

    TJ felt kind of bad for the rookie debater. "You know, I got to the point, I was pulling for Paul Ryan. He was getting—he was kind of getting his ass handed to him there, it seemed," TJ admitted of last week’s vice presidential debate.

    The BET host, like many, couldn’t deny that Joe owned the night but he could sympathize with Paul. "[Joe] knows how to handle the stage, and that Paul Ryan and you know, we can give him a bit of a break," TJ said. "He’s a novice at this and he’s a newcomer to that type of stage."


    Check out the Q&A with TJ in the December 2012 issue of Sister 2 Sister.






    —Sonya Eskridge




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