Wayanses talk new show, family legacy

    Most Hollywood newbies have a lot to figure out for themselves, but the next generation of Wayanses realizes they’ve got an advantage.

    “We use our uncles. That was our college. We learned a lot from them. We’re sponges to the knowledge,” said Damien Dante Wayans, who will star in BET’s upcoming sitcom, “Second Generation Wayans.”

    Marlon Wayans is executive producer of the sitcom, which also stars Craig Wayans, another of his nephews, and “My Wife & Kids” co-star George Gore.

    While the younger Wayanses are following in their uncles’ footsteps, Marlon said they’re not producing carbon copies of what he and his brothers did.

    “What’s dope is it’s a progression of what we did and yet a departure at the same time. It will always have that Wayans flavor, that seasoning,” Marlon told BET. “It’s gonna push as far as you can go, but this series has heart and it’s funny.”

    According to Damien, the new show focuses on what it’s like for the next generation to move out of their predecessors’ shadows.

    “’Second Generation Wayans’ is about us … making our own way in Hollywood,” he said.

    Damien and Craig recognize that they’re part of a legacy, and they intend to ensure that the Wayans’ tradition of comedy continues.

    “Now that we have our own show, our own production company, we’re just carrying the baton and running, keeping the mile going,” said Damien.

    Watch more of Damien and Craig below.

    —Tracy L. Scott


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