‘Basketball Wives: LA’ recap: 10.16.12

    Laura Govan made many wonder where her loyalties lie on the latest episode of "Basketball Wives: LA."

    Draya vs Jackie Christie

    Jackie Christie was ready to finish her fight with Draya Michele when the show started again.

    We have no clue what Draya was thinking when she stepped to Jackie, but she was ready to throw down. Hopefully she learned how to stick and move after last season. But all we saw was a jumble of hair, hands and security.

    Malaysia’s speech

    Malaysia is still shaking her case of stage fright. True, Malaysia wants to do some voice-over work, and she stars on a reality show, but giving speeches terrifies her! Yeah…we don’t get it, either.

    Thankfully for Malaysia, she’s got the support of friends like Laura and Bambi to help her feel a little more comfortable as she stepped up to the mic while hosting her Lupus charity event.


    Pity party

    We’re not sure how clubbing will make anyone think of their mom, but Jackie found a way to make that link during Bambi’s show. While most people were up and dancing, enjoying the newbie’s set, Jackie was battling the blues.

    One moment she was up, enjoying herself, the next she was getting all emotional because she missed her mother. It’s hard for anyone to lose a parent, especially if they were as close as Jackie and her mom, so we sympathize. However, after a few weepy interruptions the others began to suspect that Jackie was just putting on the water works to get people to pay attention to her.

    We can’t say for sure, one way or the other, but we do know is that Jackie was not helping her reputation for being crazy with that outfit she wore to Bambi’s show.


    Laura flip flops

    Laura is not tripping about anyone on the cast because she takes everyone at face value—no matter how many different faces she may be seeing at the time.

    In Jackie’s case, Laura thinks she’s seeing at least three different ones. While Laura seemed to be pretty cool with Jackie, she’s honest about the fact that she’s not completely siding with her or Draya. But she does endorse that the elder cast member give Draya a smack for mouthing off.

    But if Jackie were really paying attention, she’d see that Laura has no problem talking a little more smack than usual when her subject isn’t sitting right in front of her.


    RSVP: Yes or No

    Bambi must have made a great impression on Jackie because she’s in the wedding. The rapper was all excited to get ready for the nuptials.

    Laura and Malaysia, however, don’t intend to attend the wedding. In fact, Laura might not even go to Jackie’s funeral if she dropped dead.


    —Sonya Eskridge



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