‘Chrissy & Mr. Jones’ recap: 10.16.12

    Things got better before they got worse on the latest episode of "Chrissy & Mr. Jones."

    Happy wife, happy life

    Hip-hop’s resident wise man Rev. Run was the perfect person for Jim Jones and Chrissy Lampkin to consult about their problems because he’s been in a similar position as them. He knows what its like to maintain a career in hip-hop while trying to make time for family.

    Now, Jim and Chrissy can benefit from his years of experience, and they seem to be very open to what he has to say.

    Sidenote: We miss, "Run’s House"! Can we get that back on the air? Figure it out, MTV.

    I don’t have to be here

    After a great chat with Rev. Run about how to improve their relationship, Chrissy wanted to get Jim’s thoughts. What Chrissy had hoped would be a stepping stone to building on what they learned, spiraled into an argument.

    The main point that Rev. Run was trying to make was that the little things matter in a relationship. They can either be building blocks or stumbling stones, but Jim didn’t really get much from Rev’s advice about taking care of home by simply being there. That’s when things got ugly because it essentially means he missed the whole point that Chrissy has been trying to get him to understand.

    Alas, they’ve come to a roadblock yet again. Things seemed to be going so well during their therapy session!


    Chrissy needs a break

    After their breakfast blowup, Chrissy needed to pack up her things and get a little time for herself.

    Neither one of them really want to take another break, but Chrissy believes this is what they need right now. She might not be too off in her thinking, either! Remember last time Chrissy took a break, Jim finally proposed to her. This time, a little time apart might give him another chance to think about what changes he needs to make if he wants to start a family.




    —Sonya Eskridge

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