Ciara reveals herself in ‘One Woman Army’

    For fans who feel like they still don’t really know Ciara, the singer expects her new album to change all that.

    “You’re going to get to learn, honestly, I think a good bit because I was always so protective and very guarded when I first started. On this record, I really was comfortable being vulnerable, and I let go and I didn’t care about what I was saying,” Ciara told VH1’s “Big Morning Buzz.”

    Ciara’s fifth album, One Woman Army, is scheduled for release this year, and Ciara said it’s a representation of where she is in life.

    “It really represents my journey or my struggle, my need to be strong, where I am with love. It was the best way to describe what I’m feeling right now in my life,” she said.

    In a world where fans are used to getting up-close and personal with celebs via social media and reality shows, the album is one way Ciara can connect with her listeners.

    “You’re going to get my views on love, my views on life and just where I really am,” she said.

    Her first single, “Sorry,” describes a relationship that Ciara said was “inspired by someone I really loved and cared for.”

    While Ciara said she aims to be more open with her fans, she wouldn’t comment on whether “Sorry” was about her romance with rapper 50 Cent.

    Watch Ciara’s interview below.


    —Tracy L. Scott


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